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ACEgoStudy Education Service has more than ten years of experience and has served thousands of students and many families. Some students have saved money for a long time to go to the United States to study and look forward to bringing home what they will have learned to make their country proud; some people have visited the US as tourists and found themselves falling in love with the country and wanting to stay; still others have been lucky enough to meet their partner there and build a cross-cultural relationship. Some families move to the United States for work and a new start; others look to the United States for new possibilities for their children’s education after they find themselves unable to adapt to the education system at home. Some children head to the United States to study on their own, and their parents are unable to join them because of work. With their beloved children across the ocean on their own, they want to know there is someone there who can take care of them. Regardless of their reason for choosing to make the journey, we believe that every family deserves a better future and that with the right help, adjusting to life in America can be made easier.

No one knows better than us how much courage it takes to move across the ocean and start over. It also takes a lot of courage to let a child fly solo. The journey can be rough, with many obstacles to overcome. Sometimes students don’t understand the laws and regulations, which can result in frustration and wasted money when applying for visas, applying for schools, transferring schools, or getting a visa processed urgently. Acegostudy Education Service has heard you. We are committed to providing local service, using our more than ten years of experience and cooperation with a number of local service providers in the US to help students and parents access services and save hassle and money. We are dedicated to providing comprehensive services to students.

We hope that every student who wants to study can realize their dreams with the help of Acegostudy. No matter when they start, everyone deserves a chance to shape their fate. Acegostudy services include English learning, studying in the United States, helping family accompany students to the US, handling visa applications, assisting with community college applications, UC system admissions, American college transfers, internships, emergency transfers, and school district planning, landing services, and more.

👑 English Learning: Finding suitable language schools according to budget and location, planning courses, applying for visas, language school transfers, arranging accommodations

👑  Studying in the United States: Public and private school applications, organizing accommodations, planning school districts, high school applications, community college applications, UC system applications, college applications, graduate school applications

👑  Helping Family Accompany Students: Assisting parents to legally stay in the United States to accompany their children during their studies and applying for student/other visas for different types of courses according to parents’ conditions

👑  Handling Visa Applications: Handling visa application information, one-on-one visa interview practice, domestic ID conversion, extending ID, emergency transfers, visa transfers 

👑  College Transfers: American community college transfer counseling, UC system guarantee applications, transfer course recommendations, transfer counseling, transfer course planning, transferring from domestic universities to US four-year colleges

👑  Internships: Legally work while studying and keep your student status, increasing the chance of securing a work visa; apply for OPT after a short-term one-year course

👑  Landing Services: Pick-up by a local Chinese person, helping find guardians for minors, selecting school district, planning insurance, assisting with housing information, school district education planning consultation

👑  We provide all the services you need when you have just arrived in the United States, hoping to help you achieve your dreams










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Sherry Chen
Sherry Chen
Emma游学代办生Sherry Chen上班族停职半年赴波士顿游学,美国无薪企业实习投资自己,只有努力才有幸运(Stafford House波士顿)
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Emma游学代办生Sherry Chen上班族停职半年赴波士顿游学,美国无薪企业实习投资自己,只有努力才有幸运(Stafford House波士顿)

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