Everyone has different purposes for going to the United States. Usually, they can be classified into the following categories. No matter what your reason is, we can help you with it.

Course Planning

The United States is a country of diverse learning. There are a variety of study programs, and no matter what age or level you are, we can find one that meets your needs.

  1. I want to take my child to study in the United States, but they’re still young and need to be with me a lot of the time; how should I plan my studies?
  2. My English isn’t good, but I want to study at college; how do I apply?
  3. How can I apply for a student visa and choose a cost-effective school?
  4. My child hasn’t graduated from high school yet; can I help them go to the United States for college?
  5. I want to find a school where I can study and work part-time; can you recommend one to me?

Visa Processing

Applying for a US visa is neither particularly difficult nor particularly easy, but there are many details that need attention. The interviewers are worried about people ditching flights and overstaying, so how can you convince them that you’ll return to your home country afterward? What documents should you prepare? Let us help you. Before applying for a visa, many people will have questions like these:

  1. I want to take my child to study in the US; where should I start? How early do I need to apply?
  2. If you want to go sightseeing in the United States, can I also study along the way? What visa should I apply for?
  3. What should I be aware of with an F1 student visa?
  4. Can I just apply to any school and stay in the US?
  5. I want to apply to a school; what schools can I apply for with my degree?

Status Change

Many people can’t decide whether they really want to study in the United States at first, so they use a B1/B2 tourist visa to visit the United States first, then later they decide to stay and continue on to study, switching to F1 student visa status. Before such a status change, many people will have these questions:

  1. I currently hold a B1/B2 tourist visa, and I am in the United States. How can I change my visa status?
  2. I am now waiting out the visa conversion period; can I go to school?
  3. Can I leave the US and return home while waiting out the visa conversion period?
  4. How long does it usually take for the status change to be complete?
  5. How much extra cost will I incur during this time?

Visa Extension

“My course is about to end, my student visa is about to expire, or my OPT is about to expire, but I have not got an H1B work visa yet; what can I do?” Let us help you with legally extending your status to continue your studies. Before extending their visa, many people will have questions like these:

  1. I didn’t have time to apply for OPT, but I want to stay in the US; what can I do?
  2. My OPT is about to expire, but I have not been selected for an H1B work visa; what should I do?
  3. I’m finishing my program and I want to stay in the US; what are my options?
  4. I want to accompany my child to study in the United States; how can I stay long-term legally?

Urgent Transfer

Sometimes, a momentary slip-up or some small mistakes can lead to regrets. We believe that the cost of making mistakes during your student days should be minimal. As long as you find the right people to help you and staunch your losses in time, there will still be time to recover. Everyone deserves a second chance.
Now that there are many only children, many families have carefully planned to send them abroad to study from a young age, hoping to give their children better opportunities in the future. However, often parents cannot accompany their children to the United States due to visas or work. Such parents will often find themselves worrying about their children attending classes far off on the other side of the world.

For a child to travel to the US to study on their own is a courageous act. After all those years of hard work, getting into the American school of their choice can be difficult. It can be a challenge to adjust to the local culture, and you have to remember that there are also laws and rules that apply particularly to international students. For someone around 20, this can be a challenge, and many students can find themselves accidentally making some mistakes out of a lack of understanding of the US academic system or student visa regulations. Perhaps they earn too few credits, maybe their attendance rate is too low, or possibly they end up with low grades due to incorrect course selections. In such situations, they could find themselves expelled from the school, getting their I20 terminated, or having problems with their residency status. When this happens, they need urgent counseling, and we can help them quickly and smoothly transfer to another school, get an I20, and maintain their student status in the United States, while also avoiding leaving a bad record in their visa information.

Everyone has different stories and needs, and we will recommend the best way to apply based on your needs.


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