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As long as you want to learn English, no matter how old you may be, where you are now, which city you want to go to, what level your English is at, what kind of English-language major you want to study, we can find the right language school for you and help you continue your English studies with the most affordable tuition fees.

There are two types of language schools: university-affiliated language programs and private language schools. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages. If you want to experience American campus life, we recommend university-affiliated courses; if you want flexibility in classes and to learn everyday language, private language schools should be your first choice. If you want to continue your studies afterward, your considerations will be different. Different schools have different language institutions, and we will make recommendations based on your personal needs.

The most frequently asked questions by international students:

  • How do I choose the school I want to attend?
  • What documents do I need to prepare for applying to a school, and where should I start?
  • What kind of visa should I apply for?
  • I heard that the visa rejection rate is very high; how should I apply?
  • My English is poor, how can I improve it?
  • I want to apply to a school, but I haven’t passed the TOEFL; what should I do?
  • I want to live with a relative; which schools can I apply to?
  • Where should I choose to live?
  • I don’t know how to open a bank account; how can I use money in the United States?
  • My child is under 18; how can I find a guardian for them?
  • Who can I contact if my child has an emergency in the United States?
  • Just taking language courses is so boring and I don’t want to study for a degree; what other options do I have?
  • I want to apply for a degree program, but my English is too poor; what can I do?
  • My budget is limited; where can I find an affordable school?
  • My attendance rate is too low and I’ve been given a warning; what should I do?
  • I want to find a language school near my child’s school; how can I find one?
  • I have already found a good school, and I also want to apply for a school for my children; can you help me?

We hear you! Please feel welcome to contact us for further consultation!

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Students' recommendations

Sherry Chen
Sherry Chen
Emma游学代办生Sherry Chen上班族停职半年赴波士顿游学,美国无薪企业实习投资自己,只有努力才有幸运(Stafford House波士顿)
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Emma游学代办生Sherry Chen上班族停职半年赴波士顿游学,美国无薪企业实习投资自己,只有努力才有幸运(Stafford House波士顿)
Peggy Li
Peggy Li
找AceEmma游学代办让你首次温哥华游学就上手&加拿大游学实用app分享 By Peggy(温哥华ILSC)
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School representatives' recommendations